Uterine Fibroid Embolisation successful treatment for uterine fibroids

31 Aug 2017 Medical Imaging interventional radiology,
  By the age of 50, up to 70% of women in Australia could be affected by uterine fibroids, however, it’s likely that many are unaware of the minimally invasive uterine fibroid embolization treatment (UFE) available, and instead undergo invasive and potentially unnecessary surgery. A recent US poll released in August 2017 by the Socie...
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Prostate MRI plays key role in cancer detection

24 Dec 2016 Medical Imaging WMI,
A recently published Joint Consensus Statement from the American Urology Association and the Society of Abdominal Radiology supports that MRI of the prostate plays a key role in prostate cancer detection following an initial negative biopsy. When high quality Prostate MRI is available and further biopsies are recommended prostate MRI and subsequent...
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Living longer with internal radiation

09 Dec 2016 Medical Imaging interventional radiology, SIRT, Liver tumours,
Cancer patients can live longer with minimally invasive internal radiation therapy that destroys liver tumours. Selective Internal Radiation Therapy SIRT, involves injecting millions of tiny radioactive microspheres into the bloodstream directly to the tumour. They are then trapped in small vessels and cause radiation damage to the liver tumours....
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Australian Financial Review; New options for men's flow problems

30 Nov 2016 Medical Imaging UCMI, PAE, urinary frequency, interventional radiology, bph,
The Wesley Hospital has long been recognised as the centre of excellence in diagnosing and managing prostate disease. The level of expertise and the unique partnership between the Urologists and Radiologists combined with state of the art surgical and diagnostic equipment has enabled the  Wesley to successfully offer many men suffering from pr...
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Promising new results from the Wesley Medical Imaging P-EASY Trial Follow up

18 Nov 2016 Medical Imaging WMI, General, SAMI, UCMI,
Medications and surgery may no longer be needed to stop frequent urinating during the night in men. Promising new results from the Wesley Medical Imaging P-EASY Trial Follow up data Exciting new results from the Australian first trial at Wesley Medical Imaging on prostate artery embolisation demonstrates significant reduction in the number of t...
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